Voting Vow


Hello hello,

We’ve almost made it to Friday! Well done everyone.

I’m sitting down drinking what must be my 5th cup of tea in the space of two hours and scrolling through social media instead of working.

Yep, I know we’ve all been there! You’re probably doing it now, aren’t you? Continue reading


Top 10 guilty pleasures #1

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Hello lovelies!
I’m not often a fan of Monday’s but today’s been feeling good. The sun is shining, I’ve got Heart’s hits on with a cup of tea (true Brit) whilst trying to create a food shopping list that consists of more than just chocolate. Good vibes.

Anyway, I thought since I’m in such a good mood I’d put together a little list of my current faves… Continue reading

Try a Tea Time Tasting

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I was thinking the other day about how often through our lives we stick with our safety zones.

We know what we like and what we don’t like, and we begin to set ourselves boundaries. I do it. I know that if I’m ever eating out I tend to order the same things – especially if it’s a curry or Chinese take-out, because I know I like them.

Why risk trying something new that I might not enjoy? Continue reading

Home Tours: Hampshire Cottage




I’ve just begun a month internship in Hampshire so I’m staying with family friends who have kindly agreed to grin and bare me for the duration – brave people, I know.

Now I’ve been here for a week I’ve started noticing the various bits and bobs that look amazing around the house and gives me all kinds of feels.

Is there anything better than accessories that work with a house?! Continue reading