Beautiful bathroom


I’ve taken a bit of a break from writing, especially over Christmas and the festive period.
Eating pretty much took up all my time.

I’ve been writing up a lot of posts to share with you – bare with me! I’ll eventually get the drafts finished… well here’s hoping anyway.  Continue reading


Home Tours: Hampshire Cottage




I’ve just begun a month internship in Hampshire so I’m staying with family friends who have kindly agreed to grin and bare me for the duration – brave people, I know.

Now I’ve been here for a week I’ve started noticing the various bits and bobs that look amazing around the house and gives me all kinds of feels.

Is there anything better than accessories that work with a house?! Continue reading

Magnificant Mugs

I am a tea drinker, I love everything about it. The boiling, pouring, sugaring and getting the right tint of brown for  the ‘perfect’ cup of tea. I find it amazing that there is a mug out there for every situation or occasion. Here are a few I came across this weekend:


This simple cup is from Urban Outfitters and costs £9. A small price when comparing yourself to Beyonce don’t you think?


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