Try a Tea Time Tasting

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I was thinking the other day about how often through our lives we stick with our safety zones.

We know what we like and what we don’t like, and we begin to set ourselves boundaries. I do it. I know that if I’m ever eating out I tend to order the same things – especially if it’s a curry or Chinese take-out, because I know I like them.

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A Weekend in Sussex and a Visit to the Farm





It’s been about 7 months since I was last in Sussex visiting my Dad (due to travelling – not some big family feud or anything which is kind of how it sounds).

The drive is usually a complete ball ache, but I had a bag of popcorn, a pretty good music playlist and sang ? my way to Sussex.

The bonus of being jobless – I’m shocked there even is one – I was able to leave in the middle of the day and miss any ‘Yay, it’s Friday’ home time traffic. The drive I take goes through Battle, towards Hastings, and then so many country roads I don’t really know where I am but it’s pretty, and a nice change from home.

Friday night was spent with my Dad at the local Chinese restaurant because Dad knows the way to my heart! Food.

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Big Easy – Covent Garden

I’ve always wanted to go to Big Easy in London for food after seeing pictures from a few friends that had been a few weeks before. We decided to go for the Unlimited Boozy Brunch which gives you the choice of either unlimited prosecco, beer or wine and the choice of BBQ food or a lobster for around £30.

We had booked our 2hour slot so there was no waiting about when we arrived, and we were seated almost instantly. The upstairs had a range of different tables and was quite busy and loud, it seemed smaller due to lighting and decoration of the room, but you didnt feel squashed in.

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The Plough: Sunday Roast

I have been to The Plough twice, the first time was so good I had to check it wasn’t just luck. My family, like many others, love a Sunday roast – especially in Winter. I always think eating with a big group is a bonus because it means you get to try a bit of everything (and yet I hate to share my food).

Starters: Box Baked Camembert £10.95, Italian Deli Board £16.50

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Chinese New Year

I don’t usually do anything special for Chinese New Year – except on the odd occassion where I’ve eaten Chinese take-away – but I would’nt class that as celebrating. This year, for the first time, I went to see the Chinese New Year festival in Chatham Highstreet.

I’m not sure what I was expecting to see, and there were at times things/people taking part that I was a little confused about, but overall it was quite a fun and exciting experience. I will add that this experience would have definaltly been hightened if I had some chow mein!

Though this was only a reletivly small festival, compared to China Town or China, it gave a small insight into their culture, beliefs and fashion. Does anyone do anything special for Chinese New Year? I think I’ll have to add Chinese New Year in China onto the bucket list now.

Mothers Day Duties

I must start with a little message to all the mummies out there – Happy Mothers Day, you are amazing people!

I don’t give my mum enough credit for all that she does, so today I dedicate this post to her: Thank you for putting up with me and helping me throughout my life. I owe you so much more than a dedication, but we all have to start somewhere! I hope you know how much you mean to me.

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