I’m joining a gym and it terrifies me



I’m not fat, but I’m also not healthy, fit or by any stretch a gym bunny. I actually haven’t done any exercise in about a year – and I’m discounting travelling as exercise even though lugging a 15-20kilo bag on your back like a snail in hot countries has got to be doing something good? Weights or something? … or it’s just crippled me, but that’s a problem for another day.

For me, deciding I’ll be joining a gym is sometimes enough for me to continue for a further few months without actually stepping foot inside one or paying for a membership.

I’m sad to say I think that time has sadly come to an end and it’s time to actually get off my bum and start working out. Ahh, terrifying!

Does anyone else feel like they have to work out in secret before joining a gym? Because heavens forbid people actually are unhealthy in a gym! From what I’ve seen on social media everyone in a gym looks amazing – effortlessly stunning before, in between and after their workout, and leaves looking 10 times better than I do on a night out.

I am scared though. I’m scared that I die within the first 5 minutes – either from embarrassment or poor stamina and lack of oxygen. I’m scared I can’t do anything, I won’t know what I’m doing and will flapper about in the dark for the best part of 6months.

I realise there’s not a whole lot I can do about any of that, but can someone make me feel better about it anyway? – don’t make me beg!


Next thing is where do you get nice, not overly expensive but decent material gym wear? I’ve noticed cameo is a big thang for gym goers at the mo. I’m not so sure it’s my kind of look, but I’ll give it a fair try anyway.

I quite like Fabletics but for some reason I never buy anything. I look, add things to my cart, look some more, and then exit the page. I’m not sure if it’s due to the overall cost but yep, never commited to buying their bits.

Trainers are another one, but I think I’ve got that one semi-sorted. So I can’t use that as an excuse to not go to the gym anymore.

My next thing with joining a gym is working out my goal. I need a goal, I need to feel like I’ve achieved something, and I like to have a deadline for some added motivation.

I’m not looking at weight as my target because for me it’s all about just feeling happy with how I feel and look regardless of what the scales tell me. Mainly I want to be toned to within an inch of my life, and feel strong. Like if someone were to hand me a shopping bag full of bottles to carry, I don’t want to be struggling as much as I do now. But how do you measure these kind of goals? I’m not sure I can look back in 2 months and go ‘ooh my legs used to wobble a whole 1.56seconds in September’ and feel like a winner.

I’m almost ready for my first step and actually getting into the gym, I might even film it or document it in some way to give you all a good laugh at my expense, so keep an eye out for that one.

Also – if anyone has any top tips for a first ever gym trip then please PLEASE let me know!


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