LUSH Bath Bomb Fail

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Bath bombs are one of my top three things about having a bath, and in my eyes a great gift. So, I thought I’d put in a bit of practice, and to save a trip to the shops (lazy), attempt to make my own ‘LUSH’ bath bombs.

I found a recipe online and with hopes of making a few at a time doubled the mixture. BOOM – there was where I made the first mistake. I began doubling the mixture, and then somewhere during the process forgot that I was doubling so had to pretty much wing it and throw a load of stuff in to make it somewhat right.

You guys know what I mean don’t you? You’ve been there, right?

Then there’s the colour/fragrance stage when you get to tailor your bath bombs to the things you like. Fancy a relaxing bath? Maybe try lavender, got a cold? Chuck some olbas oil in (I think – you should check that before you do it because I actually have no F**ing clue), but you see my point.

Well, for those of you who don’t know – because I didn’t – make sure you use dry ingredients, and not lovely plants from the garden that are soaking wet from the rain. This seems to start a reaction with the mixture, as I suppose it does in a tub, and it just goes crazy!

It grows. It’s like Flubber’s distant cousin came over for a visit. If you don’t know Flubber then watch it, plus it has Robin Williams in it so you know it’s good.

So now the mixture is complete. Next step is to squash zed mixture into moulds and press together to create a circle or whatever shapes you choose. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Oh my god, it so so isn’t!


I sat squeezing for ages, waiting for the mixture to set a little bit and hold its shape. The mixture is strong, it WILL find a way out of the mould – I don’t know how but it will not stay put and, even after 20minutes, it was still growing! Madness!

It was at this point I gave up and admitted defeat. Fine bath bombs (literally), you win this round!

I left them to expand and take over like a bad alien film and eventually become hard. If it had worked then before turning hard the bath bomb would be out of its shell and all would be right in the world.

Again, I didn’t get the memo. So instead it all got a bit stuck in the molds and it became a spooning situation to get it out.

On the upside it still fizzled when you put it in the bath, for a little bit. YAY!…


Yup, so the whole thing was a bit of a flop. I’m going to attempt to give it another try once I’m over the drama of the first batch. Hats off to LUSH, you guys make it seem so easy!

If anyone else has given this a try let me know how it worked for you. Did you have  success? Got any special tricks? Drop me a comment below!


3 thoughts on “LUSH Bath Bomb Fail

  1. ohheywow says:

    Ahh! I’m so glad you tried to do this because I’ve been debating doing so all week. I can’t wait to see your future efforts.

    P.S. Flubber is great. I second everyone watching it.


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