One Huluva Hen Party




Aloha! Lovely to have you here to read all about the celebrations.

One of my longest and closest friends is getting married next week – WAH! It’s crazy! and shes all about the party side of the wedding, so we already know it’s going to be amazing (Keep an eye out for the wedding post, and check out the invites too!).

Oh I should probably mention the wedding theme is Hawaiian, hence the aloha at the beginning. It’s all making a bit more sense now, isn’t it.

So, like almost all weddings there’s the obligitory hen parties, which until very recently I had never experienced before. Shocking really, if you knew how many weddings I’ve been to in my life (tons FYI).

The hen party was at Victoria’s Cabaret in Maidstone – a well known hen and stag party place. Infact I think it’s only for wedding parties? I’m not sure, but on this particular evening there were about 7 other hen groups out in a range of outfits and themes.

From what I can remember there was a Harry potter group, army girls, tutu’s table, Where’s Wally? all pretty standard, and I can’t remember the rest. Our theme was hawaiian (obs) and we all dressed in black whilst the bride dressed in white – as you do, so there were no ‘tacky’ outfits to rush out and buy, which is a relief seeing as my dress ripped at my bum just before rushing out the door. Perhaps it’s time I join a gym….

Anyways, every group had the option to decorate their tables etc. and I’ve got to say Colleen and Stevie (the maid of honors) did the most amazing job! Sorry to the other bridal parties,  but they were all put to shame!




Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 15.44.32


Just look at that! It’s amazing and we all got party bags! I haven’t had a party bag since I was a small child and whilst I’m talking about it I really think we need to start making adult party bags a thing. We all appreciate a party bag… you know you do.

We had an array of entertainment for the evening; A who’s who of brides in da house (vid below), the cheesiest boy band I’ve seen ever! I’m talking about dance routines that the backstreet boys would be jelous of, and a strip tease – don’t get excited it was hardly the Dream Boys – so if you came here for some of that I’m afraid I might have misled you, but stay a while, relax, we’re all friends here. I was actually quite surprised at how many girls there were swooning for the dancers… and the stripper thinking about it – though I’m not so surprised about that one ‘Girls just wanna have fun’. That or they’d drank far too much – I’ll let you decide.

I suppose cheese is part and parcel of a hen party, just got to be the right level of drunk, then it’s all gooooood. And yes, yes I was.

I’m pretty relieved there were no party games, I know Victoria’s Caberet like to throw out a musical chair game because I’ve seen the photos and I wasn’t thrilled by the idea. Theres way too much pressure to drink like a beast and then fight someone for a chair whilst pretending it’s not war and trying so hard not to look like a twat. It’s too much, got my heart racing just thinking about it. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for fun but that is a no from me.

The best bit? It was so nice to get to know all the girls a bit more and have a good dance – WOW this post is all cheese isn’t it!

Worst bit? I’m not sure if I really wanted the stipper to take his pants off – I mean we all want to know a little bit what the deal it, but at the same time not. Also, he kept on his shoes and I don’t know why but it really annoyed me. FYI they we’re rubbish shoes.

There may have been other things going on, but what happens at a hen party stays at a hen party. You’re all just going to have to use your imaginations (don’t get weird it wasn’t a stag!) and pretend to know more because my lips are sealed.

P.s. Please excuse the photo/video quality on this post – as you can tell we were having too good a time to care about getting the best footage etc.







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