Voting Vow


Hello hello,

We’ve almost made it to Friday! Well done everyone.

I’m sitting down drinking what must be my 5th cup of tea in the space of two hours and scrolling through social media instead of working.

Yep, I know we’ve all been there! You’re probably doing it now, aren’t you?

Well good, cause it brought you here.

Anyway, to my point of writing this. I was looking through Instagram and came across a lot about voting today. I tend not to take notice of peoples views, each to their own with that one – everyone is entitled to their own views, choices and votes.

I came across one image that really caught my attention, and I thought I’d share it with you all today. (Don’t worry – I’m not about to shove political blah de blah down your throats).


I get it, I get why people choose not to vote. None of us want to be questioned and critisised for a choice we’ve freely made, and unfortunately – with social media – there are so many people quick to say ‘you voted wrong’.

But this photo really resonated with me. Have you ever watched the film Suffragette? (The 2015 one with Meryl Streep)

If you have, I mean how eye opening was that!
If you haven’t, I implore you to give it a try!

Personally I have never seen voting the same since I saw that film. Now I’m far from knowing much about politics (a fault of mine), and I wish I knew more about each party etc. But I will never give up my right to vote after finding out about the Suffragettes.

We as women have had a raw deal, but guess what, we’re strong ass people!


So ladies, I’m not going to tell you what to do because that’s not for me to say. I am however going to share with you my own voting vow.

Regardless of how much or how little I know about an election, I vow to always use my vote. If for nothing more then because it is my right to do so.

Plus it gives me the right to have a good moan and bitch about the government if I don’t like the party we have. I do like a moan!
19030639_10154502016441373_7811441253658705794_nOn the anniversary of Emily Davison’s death, RIP and thank you to the suffragettes who fought for us women and our vote. The world would be a very different place for us if you hadn’t.


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