Top 10 guilty pleasures #1

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Hello lovelies!
I’m not often a fan of Monday’s but today’s been feeling good. The sun is shining, I’ve got Heart’s hits on with a cup of tea (true Brit) whilst trying to create a food shopping list that consists of more than just chocolate. Good vibes.

Anyway, I thought since I’m in such a good mood I’d put together a little list of my current faves…

  1. Cheese – always cheese! My all time favourite is an oven baked roll with melted Camembert on top and some onion chutney. Is anyone else dribbling right now?!
  2. Office stationery – I am obsessed! Like I get chills and thrills going into shops like Paperchase and Kikki K.
  3. Shopping and shutting – I have a major lack of income currently so I’ve been doing that awful thing of spending hours online hunting for my favourite buys, putting them in my basket and then exiting the page. * cries into my poor persons glass of water *
  4. Moisturiser – since getting back from travelling and being an idiot in the sun, I have been drying out like an old raisin. The one thing I’ve found to really help is E45 extra moisture. At least I no longer feel like a crisp every time I get out the shower!
  5. Technique Make-up brushes – Whilst I was away at Christmas I had a little peak at Boots’s Christmas deals and found a selection of metallic real technique Bold Metal collection brushes and they are a dream!
  6. Grey’s Anatomy – This is the only show I’ve been truly faithful to. I can’t not watch it constantly. The end of each one is like BAM! You watch one that puts you on the edge of your seat and you just have to watch the next one. That’s how they get you!
  7. Ruffles – I’ve never liked my clothes being all puffy and frilly, I always feel like a doll – and not in a good way. However, I’ve not been able to stop looking at ruffled tops recently.
  8. My rabbit slippers – My mum got me some new slippers, from Boux Avenue, that I’d requested whilst being away. They are boot shaped rabbits with ears and a tail, and are too cute! The ears flap when I walk and it constantly makes me smile!
  9. Quinoa – I don’t know who I think I am, some kind of foodie hipster or Joe Wicks’ understudy, but since trying to eat a bit healthier I’ve been putting quinoa in EVERYTHING!
  10. Lie ins – I haven’t had to set and alarm or get up for anything in over 6 months. When I got home from travelling the jet lag began to work in my favour and I’d be up bright and early at 4,5,6am ready for the day! Now I wake up at 8:30/9am and don’t really get going till about 10am (I blame scrolling social media). Not sure what it’s going to be like when I find work!

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