When do you become a grown up?


I was thinking the other day about being 24. In my mind being 24 is still young and I have plenty of time to do everything I want to do, and then every now and then I get the fear.

The fear that everyone around you is beginning to get their lives together – in relationships, building a good career, having babies and getting married. Then I think about where I am in life; no job, no money and not even a bit of a relationship. That is scary!

Everyone has a plan for where they expect to see themselves in their future. Moving out at 25, in a good relationship/ maybe married by 27/28, children by 30… Hmm well that gives me 6 years to get a career a marriage and a child. Yeah, I don’t see that happening either!

I know that it’s normal now for people to be ‘starting’ their lives a lot later than older generations, and I cling to that! There’s a lot of us sitting in the same boat. Let’s be honest it’s only scary because we don’t know what may happen and there are no certainties – yes, you may wake up at 50 with none of these things and still living at home. For my parents sake I hope that isn’t the case… actually for my sake I hope that isn’t the case!

At what age are we meant to have our shit together? When do we stop having PJ days and slobbing out all weekend on bad food and start panicking about mortgages and getting our pensions in order?

I look around at all my friends and they all seem to have half their shit together. I can see where they are going with their lives and I can tell they’re going to be fine in life. So I suppose it’s just something we never see ourselves – and at the very worst I’ll make sure my friends get a spare room!

The future is far too overwhelming to think about. I’m just going to keep on pretending that my life is a fairytale, everything’s going to work out and I’m going to live happily ever after.


One thought on “When do you become a grown up?

  1. Luke says:

    Taken me until I was 29, after years of graft to get to where I want to be, and still don’t have scope for kids or marriage. Forget your 24 and just live your life as it comes, as if it was your last day, and don’t take anything for granted!

    I was exactly the same when I was 24 worrying about the material things are previous generation where so set on accomplishing, times have changed, change with it 🙂


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