Home Tours: Hampshire Cottage




I’ve just begun a month internship in Hampshire so I’m staying with family friends who have kindly agreed to grin and bare me for the duration – brave people, I know.

Now I’ve been here for a week I’ve started noticing the various bits and bobs that look amazing around the house and gives me all kinds of feels.

Is there anything better than accessories that work with a house?!

This cottage is looking as good as a chocolate fondue and ice cream – minus the kitchen that’s a little bit too dated and needs a new everything. (I’ll explain – they only just moved in so there have been no home developments yet).

Anyway, I thought it was time to give you a little oogle at the funky rug, amazing sofas and tons of creative DIY décor!



I’ve always loved fire places. There’s nothing better than a snug evening with the TV on, sitting in my dressing gown and slippers like an old lady with chocolate and an AMAZING crackling fire. Guilty pleasures. Actually think I might have to do this tonight…

The sofas are new from French Connection, DFS, and the mixture of cushions are so cute and give a great boost of colour to the room. They also work really well with the TV cabinet, the set of side tables (both from Maisons du Monde) that are similar colours and the rug – the rug has the perfect mixture of understated colour that pulls everything together.

Colours are my downfall in life. My Mum and I are terrible at working colours into our home and at the moment things are beginning to look a bit plain Jane, so this place is good inspiration.

And then there’s the coffee table/crate on wheels. Not a lot of houses could pull this look off, and it’s not something I would probably ever think of trying, and yet it works. I’m not sure if they’re planning on keeping it as a permanent fixture, but it’s a really easy and fun DIY project and can be used for so many things.

If any of you decide on giving it a go for some home furnishings, or maybe for the garden, let me know! I’d love to see how yours come together.




 Just for LOL’s

 I mean there are a few bits I like in this room. The showcase cabinets for the glasses – ooh fancy fancy. And check out the jars upon jars of dried bits and bobs that gets my love for organisation in everyway, as do the cereal tins.

 So, that’s it for the kitchen. Short and sweet.


I just wanted to touch on one thing in this room because a) it works so well with the room/house and b) GENIUS!

Say hello to the DIY rustic crate shelves! I think crates either look like you cant afford real furniture, or looks like a creative masterpiece. Luckily, on this occasion it fits in so nicely with the other elements in the home.


I um-ed and ah-ed about showing you this one because it’s a bathroom. However, the more I thought about it the more I realised there are some really interesting and quirky décor in this room.

 I have NEVER seen flooring like this in any other house. It’s quite a busy pattern and I don’t think I’d pick it out myself, BUT now I’ve seen it I think it needs to be the thing to do! It’s so funky and cool – I LOVE it!

The bath has a lovely coloured panel which looks great with the flooring. And can we just have a cheeky glance at the door handle. I know it’s just a door handle, but sometimes it’s the little things that hits all the right spots.


It’s a three bedroom house and every room looks different and unique. I don’t really have a favourite, but I do have favourite bits of each room.




Room 1

How great is this book-shelf over the door?

Maybe a little dangerous depending on what you’re sitting on the shelf (don’t be idiots), but what a good way to use up empty space. Plus, it works amazing with the ‘cottage’ aspect of the house.

The draws are another DIY project. They were free, painted and distressed … and then the green handles , from Mooch in Andover were £5 each, making the draws not so free in the end. On the up side, they look nice and are a nice touch to the room.


Room 2

Lover of super heroes? Erm, who isn’t!

These draws have also had a superhero DIY decoupage make over, so easy to do and the kids love it.

Also, how lucky and cool is this children’s room, with a graffiti wall?! Putting my childhood décor to shame.

Room 3

This room has some real comfort qualities to it, and is full of lots of fun decorations for a children’s room.

I love how the beems work with the rooms décor and I really cant help but want these dinosaur curtains in my room … I can’t, can I?




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