Lipstick Loving #1



I do only have little lips, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dress them up a bit. I mean they’re not THAT little, but don’t expect any Kylie Jenner pouts here. Sorry.

I’ve never been a big lip product kind of person due to cold sores. I went through a stage of anything that would go near my lips used to bring out a cold sore and it felt like I couldn’t get away from them.

It’s only been recently that I’ve started to use lipstick again, but already I’ve found a few favourites for both day and evening wear.





Velvet Teddy by MAC £16.50

This was my first nude shade – I know, following the trend or what. I still love this shade and it works so well with everything! Isn’t that why we love nudes so much?

It’s perfect for any occasion, any outfit. This is definitely one of those shades that I can grab and throw on when I’m in a rush and not have to worry about smudging or any running. Needless to say it’s my safety go to.

Top Tip: The matt looks great on, but does feel quite dry so it’s good to moisturise before putting it on and then follow it up with a little bit of vaseline through the day.

Ravenswood Cream By Urban Decay £15.50

I full on love this one. I actually think I would cry if I ever lost this lippy or when the dreaded day comes that I have used the whole thing up *weep*. Thinking about it I might be best to stock up a bit on this one!

I love the shade of this one; it looks natural but adds a little bit more than just an average nude and really compliments my skin tone. It’s slightly pinky tones give it a bit of added oomph which I love, along with it’s long lasting and hydrating qualities that don’t dry out my skin like some lipsticks.

FYI – They also sell this shade as a gloss which I’ve yet to try, but it’s next on my list!

Viva Glam I by MAC £16.50

Red is by far my favourite colour, and tends to be a good colour for my skin tone. Pale skin + blonde hair + red = All kinds of right!

So anyway, there was never a chance that I wouldn’t own a red lipstick and it was a toss up between this shade and Ruby Woo (which I will also be buying ASAP).

Top Tip: This lipstick is known to run a bit so it’s worth getting the lip liner to match. Red lipstick all over your face is never a good look, plus the vampire thing has been over since the last Twilight films so let’s not give that look a go.

I pretty much keep the red for an evening look. It’s a great punch of colour if I’m wearing a black or white outfit (added points if you have nails to match).


These are definitely great lipsticks to have in your make up collection and a great little treat for a ‘pick me up’ moment. Especially if you’re like me and just beginning to build your lipstick collection up, these are the perfect starting point!

What are your go to shades and brands?


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