Starting a skin care regime




I have to admit I’m one of those terrible people that have been neglecting my skin.

I love make up, I love beauty products, but I’m awful at using cleansing products and having a morning or evening skin care routine is something I have never managed to do.

I’m quite lucky to have never had ‘bad’ skin. I never got the spotty teenage skin and the odd spots I used to get, and still get every now and then, don’t tend to hang around. If I’m honest when I get a spot it’s more often than not gone by the next morning.

I know I know, I’m lucky, don’t hate me!

I have started using Elemis’s Skin Clear Treatment Gel to put on my spots when the fu**ers appear. It stings briefly and makes me wonder if I should really be using it, but it seems to work so well. It does exactly what it says on the tin which is great!

I’ve often found that messing about with my skin causes more harm than good, so I tend to steer clear of putting too many products on. I like to keep my skin care products very simple – with no harsh ingredients or perfumed products as these can give me skin irritation.

I wanted to begin a daily skin care regime due to its benefits. To know I’m giving my skin a proper clean both morning and night, along with some added boost of moisture feels like I’m taking a step in the right direction.

I’ve started by buying cleanser and moisturiser products that I’ve seen from a few beauty bloggers that I follow. I’m yet to find toner, but that’s next on my list, so any suggestions are welcome!




IMG_1135 (1).jpg


Being that my previous skin care involved a last minute face wipe whilst I lay in bed and attempted to get off as much make up as I could without completely falling asleep first, it’s easy for any change to be a vast improvement.

I’m pleased to say day 1 has so far gone down a treat! I even gave myself time before dinner to remove my make up with my new cleanser and have a proper go at it.

I did use a face wipe mainly for my eye make up, and then whatever bit of the wipe that wasn’t covered in foundation was used to take off anything on my face that it could.

This used to be my daily routine. I’m embarrassed.

After using the face wipe this time, I grabbed some cotton pads and continued to wipe away my make up. WOW. I feel so clean now; that’s got to be a good thing already!

I went for Olay purely because a) I had NO idea and b) My lovely Nan swore by it through her entire 83 years and I’m not even joking she looked amazing! She didn’t really even have wrinkles and I swear I’m not even being biased.

So, standing in the beauty isle of Tesco with no clue what I was looking for other than cleanser, I went with my gut and thought I’d follow some Nan advice.

Obviously I’ve gone with the moisturiser for mature skin because I didnt read the box at all and grabbed the first thing I saw. I stick with my decision though… hmmm.
In truth I can’t be bothered to change it so I’ll use the bottle up and do a little more research when it comes to replacing it. Anything is better than nothing I suppose.

C’mon Olay, don’t let me down!

So far, so good. As I said this is a new thing for me so the products I’ve gone for is very trial and error. I’ll just have to see how it goes for now and will hopefully see some improvements over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any other beauty product suggestions then please let me know! I’d like to try a few different things over the year to get a better idea of what works for me so tell me what works for you and I’ll give it a go.

FYI – Tesco are selling 125ml ‘on the go’ size bottles of Micellar cleanser for £1!


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