A Weekend in Sussex and a Visit to the Farm





It’s been about 7 months since I was last in Sussex visiting my Dad (due to travelling – not some big family feud or anything which is kind of how it sounds).

The drive is usually a complete ball ache, but I had a bag of popcorn, a pretty good music playlist and sang ? my way to Sussex.

The bonus of being jobless – I’m shocked there even is one – I was able to leave in the middle of the day and miss any ‘Yay, it’s Friday’ home time traffic. The drive I take goes through Battle, towards Hastings, and then so many country roads I don’t really know where I am but it’s pretty, and a nice change from home.

Friday night was spent with my Dad at the local Chinese restaurant because Dad knows the way to my heart! Food.

Saturday morning started pretty early, for me, but I was determined to stay in bed until I had to get up/ until my Dad had brought me up my morning tea * diva! . I also had to get up because my Dad and his partner Mags are getting their bathroom completely re done and the builders just had to turn up at the crack of dawn (8:30am) so up I got.

In fairness it’s probably for the best because I was up and raring to go by 9am rather than mooching on the sofa and then having to rush around because I’d just been told I had 30mins before we were leaving the house. Happens far too often!

Anyway, Dad and I headed off to a nearby farm shop and café in Heathfield called Tottingworth for a lovely cooked breakfast.




I mean, how good does that look!

One of the best things about staying at my Dad’s is the Farm shops. Their food is always the best. Even the food that makes you feel bad about eating it’s all good because it’s from the farm shop so it just can’t be bad. Foodie logic!

The food was followed by a cheeky nap – a bit like Christmas Day or the festive period in general really. And then a dog walk at Abbots Wood (sounding even more like the Christmas period isn’t it!).



Abbots Wood seems to be the place to be, on a weekend, for anyone and everyone that owns a pet, us included. We went as far as the pond or lake, whatever you want to call it, and headed back to the car.

Finally, it was time for shopping! An occurring hobby my Dad and I share, having 2 girls has obviously rubbed off on him because he likes shopping and shoes as much as we do.

Ah, Dad, we’ve taught you well!

We hit up Boots for some basic beauty buys and pore strips that I’ve been wanting to try for a while and ouch!

Then we went to TK Maxx, again something we do on most of my visits. I love their home section and go a little bit weak in the knees around the bags, I couldn’t resist buying a little something in there.

Lastly, we went to Sports Direct (yawn) to try and find some running trainers. I threw mine away somewhere in Asia and have decided since being home I should maybe try running again – something I tried to pick up previously.

There’s a lovely new Rib shack called Ribs & Co. with lovely staff and amazing food, which is where we had dinner. They’re just not enough Rib shacks in the world, and they’re so damn good!


Spring is here, and there’s no better time to visit a farm. Lambs, piglets, cows and at this particular farm, cider in the sunshine.

The farm (had a few feeding times dotted about the day so we had a schedule to follow, and I didn’t want to miss out on anything, because I’m a big kid.

I fed a lovely little 2 day old lamb that still makes my day, even though it was a bit embarrassing. I had hoped Imogen, the child I dragged to the farm to make it a little more acceptable for me to be there, to also feed the lamb. However, she pulled out last minute and so there I was at the young age of 24 in a line full of 5 year olds trying not to look stupid. Did I pull it off? Probably not but who cares, I fed a baby lamb so F*** the haters!










The piglets were obviously cute, there were 11 of them with such striking colours – not your usual little piggies. Mumma pig was a beast! My god – that girl is not about living a healthy lifestyle, but she seemed pretty happy (minus the 11 little piggies all trying to get to her boobies).

There was a lot of fun to be had at the farm; an old tractor to play on, a play park for the little ones (I’m a big kid with animals, I want to be clear that I did NOT go and play on these) and you could go and watch the cows getting milked which was kind of interesting.

I even had my first ploughmans lunch, it’s been a
long time coming! Everyone knows cheese is god . . . sorry, I mean good! . . .

And we finished up at the farm with a few cheeky tastes of their cider selections. It would be rude not to!

A 24 (ish) hours well spent! Had a lovely time with my Dad, like being on a jolly holiday. Oh, oh and the sun got the memo too so it really was like a British Summers holiday. Looking forward to my next visit already! (minus the drive).









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