March Buys


My Mum and I took a day off from work life (hers not mine obviously) and after a quick trip to Kims hospital (that story’s for another time) we spent the rest of the day trolling through home stores and picking out some bits and pieces to pair with our new home.

Most of the things we bought are quite random pieces but work really nicely so far. I’m also intending to decorate one of the upstairs rooms as a spare room/my new home office, so looking at a lot of things for that room in particular. I love the rose gold trend at the moment as well as marble – love love love marble! So I’m constantly on the lookout for these designs. I’ll be putting up a post soon with more lovely things specifically for the home office, stay tuned!

Before all of that, here’s the bits we couldn’t resist, and brought home with us… (FYI we did pay for everything if that at all sounds like we didn’t).

The cushion hasn’t found a home yet, but it was so plump and cosy looking so we bought it with the idea we would either find it a home or make it a home. So far it doesn’t disappoint!

The whale… well I just wanted the whale. Looks great next to the bath!

So the shoes and the jumper aren’t home bits, but they look great on! Feel so classy in my new heels sometimes I just wear them around the house because I can!

In our house we’re all about candles – pretty much every evening we light some candles on in the kitchen. They smell lovely and I find they create a really relaxing atmosphere. What’s not to love?!
The passion flower and mango candle smells divine! I would actually consider eating it based on smell alone… but y’know, I wont…

Lastly I’ve started building up my stationary collection in prep for my new office, starting with folders and rose gold accessories. LOVE!

Also – has anyone else seen the H&M home products? I’m pretty impressed so far. They’re hitting every trend and not in a ‘ugh that’s too much’ way. I’m definitely going to be checking them out for home bits soon!



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