STA Travel -My initial meeting


I’ve always had mixed feelings about STA – at the end of the day they’re a travel agency and are there to earn money. I pretty much had no clue what I was doing or how to even attempt putting a long ass trip together; I mean really where do you start?!

So, I thought about it and decided I’d make it easy for myself and go to STA so they can pretty much do it all for me – I’m not lazy, just useless * sigh *. Yes, I think I ended up paying more than you would doing it yourself, but for the ease I personally thought it was worth it!

It was easy as pie for my first meeting, mainly because I was clueless. I mean the person could have pretty much told me anything and I’d have said yes!

The good thing is at first it was like bouncing ideas off of someone and getting a bit of a basic plan together without having to commit to any of it. Great for the non-committal types out there!

I didn’t want to rush into booking things without going away and properly thinking about it. Looking back I’m not sure I ended up paying for anything that I had wanted on my first visit to STA. It’s a clients prerogative to change their minds! (Sorry to all in customer service – I know I’m a pain!).

It took me about 3 meetings to be fully content with what I was doing and paying for. I paid for all my main flights and added flexi flights for a further £100, and I also paid for the Thai island hopping for ease.

There are so many options when you go to STA and remember it’s in their benefit to get you to spend as much as they can, so take your time and think about things as much as you want to. As helpful as they seem, at the end of the day they are sellers and you dont want to walk away feeling like a fool for spending things you dont need or want!


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