Packing revisited

Just going to say it as it is… I’ve been an idiot! My backpack weighs around 15kg and is so heavy I need help lifting it all the time! Luckily I don’t have to carry it often as I can leave it where we stay and a lot of people help me to lift it on and off things so that’s not so bad. The other issue is I have no room to pack anything that I want to buy on my travels and if I’m being honest I don’t know half the stuff that’s in my bag anymore because it’s far too much effort to route through everything to find out.

I got some lovely bits to bring away with me so I’m not going to throw them away (except the two basic tops I already did throw out). Ideally I’d like to drop it down to 10kg as a max. So need to be strict with myself and really think ‘do I need this?!’ Unfortunately the answer is usually always yes but it’s ridiculous. 

I’m hoping I can ship some bits home when we get to chaing Mai and wear them another time instead for a relitively small price. Plus this will make room for gifts which I’m sure has everyone excited about. Just remember guys I’m Iiving like a turtle so it’s bound to be small and light, like maybe a postcard!

The other thing is you can buy almost everything you need out here. I know, I didn’t believe it either, but it’s what we’re all doing… Elephant pants the whole way! I’m going to keep one very light pretty maxi dress for New Years but other than that I think I need to become less attached and send bits back. (Enter sad face here).

Again it’s the same with toiletries although the they’re far more useful and once I’ve used them up I do actually throw them away -I’m not some weird hoarder I swear! One thing though girls I’ve just been told that a lot of beauty products in Thailand and SE Asia have whitening products in them to make your skin whiter. Make sure you check what you’re getting or you could look a bit more like Micheal Jackson then you planned!  I personally intend to keep my usual make up wipes and cleanser for my duration here, and it’s also the same in women’s deodorant.

Lastly, my hand luggage is also too heavy for day to day usage, so either take/buy a cute and very light shoulder bag or think about what you need. I wouldn’t say I have much and I still find it too much especially along with my backpack. I might try And downsize on that too, but it’s a lot harder. I can’t really throw away my passport, visas and various important documents can I!?

I’d say pack around 5 outfits, one quick drying towel (worth the money – it’s not fun carrying damp smelly stuff from place to place, go heavy on the knicker front and one pair of flip flops and maybe some decent walking shoes like trainers. Most hostels have washing services for a very cheap price and there’s also places on the streets.

Check your bags and walk a good 15minutes at least before taking that weight travelling with you long term! Good luck.


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