The journey: part 1


We have arrived! Maybe that doesn’t excite you as much as it does us, but let me tell you after 2planes, 3countries, 13hours of travel and so far a lot of curry, being able to chill out in a bed is amazing!!

After leaving London Heathrow at 9:30am on the 20th September we arrived in Mumbai just as it was pouring down with rain to catch another flight. I’ve never found flights very comfortable so at this point we were pretty tired but powering through.

Mumbai airport was beautiful and so helpful! The building was covered in art work and I felt more like I was in an art gallery than an airport. It was really easy to get directions to the next flight and reasonably quick to get through to the next flight.

If I’m being honest the second flight made me want to smash my head against a wall several times over, it was only a few hours but felt like forever and all I wanted was to lie down. Hey ho, we made it in the end and slept a lot on our first day it was as if we’d never slept before!

We’ve got a little very basic plan and route in mind for out journey around (subject to change) and lots to see and do. So far we’ve only seen a small amount and it’s a very place to be! Lots of busy and amazing night markets selling everything from flip flops to bananas and food sellers every three steps along the road. Along with that there’s bikes… Bikes everywhere and so far traffic lights don’t seem to affect them in any way. Crossing the road is like playing a game of chicken and it’s not a lot of fun to be honest!

Tomorrow we’re heading for khao San Road which is going to be much busier and exciting! We can’t wait to get chatting and meeting people! I think travelling can feel very lonely at times and it’s important to have exciting things to look forward to and meet people to keep you sane. Plus it’s nice knowing you’re not the only person out there travelling!


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