Two weeks to go


Okay so I have two weeks to go and still lots to do! I’ll be honest I put off doing a lot of things and was pretty lazy about getting my to do list completed. So there’s still loads I need to do!
I’ve just managed to get my backpack which is an Osprey one (apas it’s the best you can get?) and I have finally given up searching for insurance quotes and gone for Alpha which is £109 (roughly) but covers me for almost all ‘extreme’ activities too, Bungee Jumping here I come! … If I have the balls to do it!

I was desperate to spend time with as many people as I could before leaving, but time has just flown and I never got round half as many as I would have liked! I think since leaving work I’ve had maybe the equivalent of 5 days that I’ve not been out or staying at friends – hence my last minute still to-do list (AGHH).

I really wanted to do my research and find things to do in every place we would be going to. That has become quite limited due to timing – don’t get me wrong I have lists of things, but it’s all over the place at the moment that it’s a bit useless.

I’ve gotten to the point that aside from vital things, if it’s not already been done then it’s not going to be done. Surprisingly I feel quite happy to just get there and go with the flow – I’m not worried about lack of things to do and see, if anything it’s just the fear of the unknown.

I know quite a few people who are going to be in Bali for New years, my sister included, so I have a rough plan of where I’ll be around that time. I didn’t really thing about that time of the year and how booked up places will likely be, so I’m going to book a reasonably nice place between Christmas and New Years. HostelWorld you babe – there are some amazing places for about £15 a night! Sorted!

Im not sure I’ll ever be ready to go in terms of things I need to do, so I think it will just be a case of seeing how it goes and taking it as it comes. Now for a long ass flight!


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