Travel money

I’ve found sorting travel money to be the biggest pain whilst planning my trip. It seems everyone’s out to get a bit of money rather than making things simple and easy. I’m not sure why I have to pay to get my money but it’s looking like there’s no other option at the moment.

A lot of travel shops do their own cashcards which means you don’t have to walk around with all the money you own in your pocket. It’s a good and safe idea, but unfortunately you do get charged for various things.

Every cash card I’ve looked at will charge you for using an ATM and even charge you to top up your card with more money, but is free to use for a transaction.

I suppose the question boils down to is it worth it? In terms of using your card to draw cash out rarely and using your card for transactions more often might keep costs down, but it also becomes difficult to keep tabs of your spending which is no good when traveling on a budget.


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