To travel alone?


Travelling is pretty daunting for everyone involved – particularly my Mum. She’s crapping herself enough for all of us three times over.


When I first decided that I was going traveling I asked a few different people that had seemed up for the idea if they wanted to join me. Unfortunately they all had other plans and I had to decide if I could go it alone. I’m not the most confident of people but I thought if it’s between going alone or never going because I had no one to go with then I was going regardless.

Saying that I did have a re-occurring nightmare of myself seeing these amazing things, on my own the whole time, with a selfie stick and having to talk to myself. I could see that lasting 2 months tops!


I think if I’d done it before and knew what to expect it might be different, but out of pure fear and with the hope of having a decent night sleep again I decided to look at group travel.


Group travel put simply is going to somewhere you don’t know with about 12 people you don’t know and spending more money to do it. Not ideal, but better than going alone? (I’ll let you decide that one).


I got lucky on my final try with a good friend from university, I actually hadn’t spoken to her in a while but having lived with her for three pretty drunken and poor years I think she’d probably be the best person to go half way round the world with!


There are obviously good and bad points to going with someone, in the same way there are going alone. It’s very rare to spend so much time with one person and we will probably need some time apart for sanity reasons. I think all in all it suits me best to be with someone I know – saying that I will be travelling around Australia on my own so maybe I’ll get the best of both?


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