Gadgets – camera/ipad/phone use/facetime


img_1793Im just putting it out there, I do like a gadget (pause for immature thoughts). Theres not really anything a gadget can’t do and in terms of travelling there are so many things that can enhance the experience.

Speaking honestly, the thought of the long flights are the only bits of travelling that really make me want to curl up into a ball, cry and never leave my room. Leg room is a pain in the ass especially when the person infront wants to position themselves pretty much in your lap and I’ve always struggled with being able to sleep on a plane. So, this only leaves me with two choices.
1. I become so bored and tired that I potentially knock myself out

  1. I find loads of things to fill the time up and make it far less of a drag – que the Ipad


Hats of to Apple for making the Ipad (or other companies with similar products blah blah blah). This mini version of a computer is a godsend not only for commuting around but also for keeping in contact with friends and family with face time or skype, and the apps, oh the apps how I love you so! The list is endless. If I’m not making it clear, the Ipad will definitely be joining me on my trip.


My phone… I have had mixed feelings about bringing my phone with me. I won’t be using it for communication purposes unless I’m using wifi (or god forbid in an emergency), and I intend on taking my pictures on another device, so other than Whatsapp I’m not sure what the point is in taking it?


To make everyone insanely jealous with pictures/videos I will be taking my GoPro camera and sending them weekly updates probably when they’re at work (sorry not sorry).


Finally I got myself some wireless headphones for £50. I didn’t want to get really expensive ones incase they get broken but I’m really impressed with the ones I bought. The sound is good and they look great – not like some bulky big black ones that hang off your head and make you look like, well lets face it, a bit of a twat.


There are also some brilliant apps for when you’re travelling. Hostelworld is great for finding places to stay as you go and gives you lots of information about the places beforehand with pictures and comments. lets you navigate around where you are without using internet – you can search a place, use your current location or put in a route.


STA Travel This only really benefits you if you have booked your flights or excursions etc. with them. I booked my flights through them and it allows me to access all my flight details and itinerary easily. Seriously so helpful!

I’ve heard of a few other apps I’d like to try out;

Triposo – similar to I believe

XE Currency – gives quick updates on currency so you know if you’re being a fool and paying too much

Travel safe – This app gives you emergency contact numbers around the world as well as the embassy details – really love the sound of this!


let me know if you guys have any other suggestions or ones you swear by for travelling round the world.


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