Big Easy – Covent Garden

I’ve always wanted to go to Big Easy in London for food after seeing pictures from a few friends that had been a few weeks before. We decided to go for the Unlimited Boozy Brunch which gives you the choice of either unlimited prosecco, beer or wine and the choice of BBQ food or a lobster for around £30.

We had booked our 2hour slot so there was no waiting about when we arrived, and we were seated almost instantly. The upstairs had a range of different tables and was quite busy and loud, it seemed smaller due to lighting and decoration of the room, but you didnt feel squashed in.

Once we had told the waiter of our food and drink choice we were given our first round of prosecco. It wasn’t the best drink I’d ever had but it’s to be expected with the price and volume of drink.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but my god! The size of the food was immense! The BBQ option was also unlimited, but between the two of us we didn’t get through half of it!
The style of BBQ was American and was a nice change. We had cornbread too – which was a bit like sponge cake? It was nice, but really filling  and I could have taken or left it. The meat was so well cooked and moist (sorry to those of you who hate that word!) so I’d say it was well worth the money!

The lobster was a bit messy – but that’s to be expected! I have it on good authority that the lobster was nice and tasty, there was none left at the end that’s for sure! As yet I have never tried lobster, it’s something I’m working my way up to – so I’ll have to give my verdict on that another time.

The service was really quick and efficient for 98% of our time there, and other than forgetting to bring us some ketchup they were great! We were never left waiting for our drink fill up’s and it was clear they kept an eye out for anyones needs.
I never like it when a restaurant give you a fixed time slot at the table, it always has me thinking were going to be rushed (although we never are), and you do find yourselves  checking the time every now and then.

Overall, I’d say its definitley worth visiting! you can’t go wrong for good food, lots of drinks and catching up with friends! Also, it’s in a great location for you to go for more drinks after!


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