Firstly, I feel it’s important to tell you that the glam, high heel, heavy make-up image you have of Marbella is not the way it is. Like most people I had originally thought that what I had seen on ‘The Only Way is Essex’ was exactly what Marbella was all about – in fact there is so much more to it.

The three of us (Becca, Grace and myself) opted for Marbella for a number of factors. We wanted a relaxing holiday but with a really good nightlife and as an added bonus the journey isnt too long.

We  stayed at a hotel called Hotel El Faro and spent most days completely make up free, in casual beach wear, chilling around the pool or heading about 2 minutes down the road to the beach. Then evening would come and we’d transform into our pretty dresses and heels and look like we’d actually made an effort. It was quite nice, sometimes you need to dress up and feel good – so that was a winner!

We pretty much used cabs to get around, and because we were staying slightly out of the main clubbing area it took about 10-15minutes to drive and cost about €10 each way, but between the three of us it wasn’t too bad and didnt make a big dent in our spending money. It was also quite nice to not be based right near all the clubs, we could enjoy it and then get away from it all and relax – the best of both really. The hotel was also situated close to the beach and loads of restuarants, and then in the other direction we were a 2minute walk from the main highstreet so for us it was in a really good location.

We went to a few pool parties during our week away which I highly recommend! They’re all quite popular so you’re guarenteed a good atmosphere whereever you go. We went to Ocean beach, Nikki Beach and Sisu.
I’m not sure if we hit Nikki Beach at the right time but it was far more relaxing than what I was expecting. There was lots of space and the pool area was beautiful!

Sisu was just amazing! It was our last day and we thought we’d head over to the pool party for our final day. We had to leave early to get our flight but it gave us enough time to have some drinks and a dance. Unforunatley there were no beds for us to get for the day, so we had to almost perch on the edge of all the fun at the begining. Sisu isn’t really designed for guests that don’t have a bed so that was a shame.
We got chatting to some people and ended up joining them around their area which was a really good time, even with the bar staff! I’m not sure how it happened but we ended up drenched head to toe in about 8 bottle of champagne – if you didnt know it actually makes your hair feel like straw and your skin feel like dust… so along with the smell, you pretty much leave looking like a dirty 60year old alcoholic – thanks guys!

We didnt get a bed at any of the places we went to, and I think if I were to go again then I probably would. Most places have a package deal with the beds e.g. a bottle of vodka and mixers, and to be honest if theres a group of you then the cost is definitley worth it. Ultimately it comes down to numbers and how many of you are going as to whether the price is right.
We all agreed that it’s a really good place to go as a couple or a couple of couples. The club’s arent really the type of places that people would go over the top and you can have a really nice chilled evening together whilst still being out and enjoying yourself with some drinks and dancing.

Would I go again? Yes, I probably would, but not have the same type of holiday that I had with the girls. I would most likely go with a boyfriend and our friends.
If you’re looking for a real party holiday, I would suggest somewhere like Ibiza instead.


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