Making it ‘Happn’

I feel a little embarrassed to admit that I am on a dating app. The app is called ‘Happn’ and is pretty much Tinder – though I thought there would be less people I know on it so would be safe to use!

The app works by finding people that you have ‘crossed paths with’ and as you can imagine, depending where you have been, you get a slightly better selection of men. Recently it would seem I have been going to the wrong places!

Anyway, I created my profile and left the ‘say something’ section until quite recently. This bit is always the worst because it’s rarely great and is more often than not a turn off.
Going with the idea of getting a few people to talk to I wrote ‘ I’ll tell you if you tell me’ *cringing!!* but hey got to start somewhere.

There are a lot of things that get boring pretty quickly on all of these apps.
1. We are a match but then never talk
2. We talk and then stop talking after about a day (and thats if it’s going well)
3. Things go well, we have good conversation and then we don’t go anywhere.

– correct me if I am wrong but Happn is a DATING APP, either I am doing something wrong (very likely) or people are on it for different reasons (equally likely).

I’ve had the app on my phone for about a month/two months, I go on it maybe once every few days just to have a nose but other than that it’s become useless. In the ‘early’ days of using it I did get talking to a few potentials, since then only one has stuck.

We talk almost every day, we’ve talked about the weather, about work and about meeting up – even where we will go – and yet he still hasn’t actually planned a date.

Now I’m sure I look silly, but he said he’s busy, now for the next few weeks I am pretty busy – my question is at what point do I say ‘this is going no where’ and stop talking?
(before you answer, bare in mind I really would like to meet him and see where things go).

Any advice welcome!


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