I am a newbie

Once white, now covered in mudI have never set myself new years resolutions or cut out things for lent – partly because I didnt want to but it just seems like a lot of hassle!  However this year I wanted to set myself a goal, something to fill my time with and to accomplish through the year.

I decided that if I aim to learn, try and focus my time with one thing a year then the year is never wasted. I admit, when I set myself this goal I didn’t picture it actually happening. I thought saying it would be enough and never really commited to anything before.

My goal was to start running with the aim of running 5K without feeling like death, looking like I needed emergency care or struggling with every step from start to finish. I began running two months ago, roughly March 13th 2015, and I have stuck to running twice a week. I joined a running group called ‘Harvel Hash House Harriers’ and I am the newbie of the group, it’s as much a social club as it is a running, which is realy a perfect combination. If anyone else is interested there are lots of ‘HHHH’ running clubs across the UK – check it out! HHHH I still remember how hard I found my first run, I couldn’t breath and my legs were barely lifting off the ground within the first 5minutes. Please note: this is not an exaggeration!
I knew running would be hard, Im not sure I realised how hard it would be and to be honest it still is hard. My running style needs some work, my breathing is terrible and I am still the person who struggles at the back of the running group – but I have officially ran 5miles in 1hour and 6minutes (to be exact).

Don’t get me wrong, I still have a very long way to go, but in two months of putting in my all I have already pushed past my previous goal and I am even taking park in a 5mile race – The Harvel five. It has been one of my big achievements and I no longer feel like a couch potato.

Have you done any running? I would love some tips especially when it comes to footwear, I love my trainers, but I’m not sure they are the best. Any other ‘newbies’ out there send me a message, it would be good to share our struggles.


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