The Plough: Sunday Roast

I have been to The Plough twice, the first time was so good I had to check it wasn’t just luck. My family, like many others, love a Sunday roast – especially in Winter. I always think eating with a big group is a bonus because it means you get to try a bit of everything (and yet I hate to share my food).

Starters: Box Baked Camembert £10.95, Italian Deli Board £16.50

The Camembert was yummy – but then it’s hard to make it taste bad. I wasnt a fan of the apricots but the hazlenuts were a nice touch and gave the already amazing cheese an extra buzz. Now not to be demanding, but the camembert is to share, and I found the dipping bread and celery to be a bit minimal and you can really only ask for more once without looking piggy.

The Italian deli board was refreshing, you get a bit of everything and it felt like eating an early Summer. Having looked at the menu recently there are a few similar versions that sound just as amazing and to be honest a little cheaper.

Sunday Roasts: Roast half chicken £13.95, A trio of roasts £16.95 and Roast pork loin £12.95

Firstly, I apologise for the pictures. They all look pretty similar and I’m not sure you can tell which roast is which – all I can say is they looked so good the picture just couldn’t do it justice.

Secondly, The Plough has a huge option of roasts (beef, lamb, chicken and a vegetarian option – Parsnip, Stilton and cranberry nut roast and the prices range from £12.95 to £36.95).

Anyway, back to what ‘we’ were eating…
I had the chicken both time I went, the presentation was a huge WOW (as it was for all the dishes in fairness). The first time I found the chicken got quite dry and if it wasn’t for the yummy gravy I think it would have been too dry to eat.

Most of the roasts come with pigs in blanket (which they forgot the second time and I had to remind them – ha like I would let that one go!),stuffing, veg. roast potato’s and yorkshire pudding, which is a must really.
The ‘add on’s’ to the meat were all good, but then to me the meat is the grand star of the plate.

One thing I would like to mention in particular is the yorkshire pudding. It looks amazing – huge and golden in colour – but if I’m honest they were quite disappointing. I thought they tasted a bit like cardboard and if it wasn’t for mopping up the excess gravy I probably wouldn’t have bothered with it.

The trio of roasts is a great idea. Beef, pork and chicken with all – and I mean ALL – the trimmings. There is a part of me that things it’s a great idea because it covers them completely. If one thing is a bit blurgh then you have others on the plate to back it up (like a football team of meat).

All in all, the food is really good, the prices are sometimes a little bit high but 90% of the time it is worth the cost and the menu range is amazing! There’s so much I want to eat there, so I will definitely be going back.
The seating was lovely and The Plough has a cosy ‘at home’ feeling to it, and their service was good – in that respect, again, it takes the edge off the bill at the end. (but I did find the waiting time to be seated a little too long, especially when we had booked for a certain time).

Pudding: I was too full up on this occasion, but there are a few things on the menu I aim to try next time!

Let me know if you’ve been to The Plough, I’d love to know how you found the experience or what I should try next!



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