Mothers Day Duties

I must start with a little message to all the mummies out there – Happy Mothers Day, you are amazing people!

I don’t give my mum enough credit for all that she does, so today I dedicate this post to her: Thank you for putting up with me and helping me throughout my life. I owe you so much more than a dedication, but we all have to start somewhere! I hope you know how much you mean to me.

My dear best-friend, Happy Mothers Day.

I don’t live with my mum anymore and she lives about an hour away so it’s not always possible to spend proper time with her. This weekend was a must for some one-to-one time which, even at the age of 22, is still quite a valuable asset to me – as i’m sure it is for us all.

We had a lovely little adventure around Canterbury which resulted in spending loads at the shops, and having a little lunch date in a near by cafe. It was nothing big or special, but there was so much we wanted to do that weekend that we thought we would spread it over two days rather than cram it all in to the one day.

On the second day we had a stroll around the local park with breakfast before an afternoon cinema trip. We saw a new film called Focus – has anyone else seen it? We really enjoyed it, but that could be down to the cheeky cocktails we had before! Then, just to really make it a traditional British sunday we went home for a roast dinner – food always tastes better when you don’t have to cook it.


How did you spend Mothers Day?


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