Magnificant Mugs

I am a tea drinker, I love everything about it. The boiling, pouring, sugaring and getting the right tint of brown for  the ‘perfect’ cup of tea. I find it amazing that there is a mug out there for every situation or occasion. Here are a few I came across this weekend:


This simple cup is from Urban Outfitters and costs £9. A small price when comparing yourself to Beyonce don’t you think?



For the design conscious, you can colour match your drink to perfection. They are £7.50 each and a great gift idea for any designers or fashionistas you know.





I love these raindeer mugs. The noses change colour from hot (red) to cold (black) and will keep you feeling seasonal all year round! £5.99 




A funny mothers day present perhaps? I must admit I’m tempted just for the laughs, are you?
£12.75 from Notonthehighstreet.





What says ‘I Love You’ more than a romantic cup of tea? It would be a sure way into my heart!
Buy your loved one this beautiful pair of mugs for £26.




Which one’s your favourite?



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