A Sunday Confession

How has your weekend been? The weather here has been a bit miserable so I’m staying in, snuggling up on the sofa and keeping warm today.

I hate to admit to it but when the weather’s horrible the thought of stepping out the front door doesn’t appeal to me at all. Instead I have decided to share a few confessions with you (hope you don’t judge me too much, eek!)

1. I still sleep in my ex-boyfriend’s tracksuit bottoms. It’s not what you think, they are just so damn comfy!

2. I often hand write all my posts before typing them up to the 60th Avenue. I go everywhere with my note book incase inspiration hits me. I also confess to using any blank page to scribble on in my book – there is no order to it at all.

3. I am a phone app addict. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook get my full attention at least 10 times a day. Fear not, I have a high standard of phone ettiquet, when you talk I will listen. Promise!

4. I am a film nut. We recently got Sky Movies which has added fuel to my film fire. I love films but I am a huge scardey cat when it comes to Horror and I can’t watch one.

5. I have tried, I will continue to try, but I can not understand the hype with macaroons. Chocolate fudge brownie cake please?

Hope you have had a more productive weekend! Here’s a list of my favourite features this week:


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